The combined strengths of FundStar and BrightAnalytics

Analyze the return on your real estate investments with FundStar, which is fully integrated with the financial input from BrightAnalytics.

The power of BrightAnalytics (automated management reporting), combined with FundStar, offers a modular solution that can reveal every level of every detail about the performance of your real estate portfolio. Both quantitatively (returns, benchmarks) and qualitatively (sustainability, quality scores). Explore the synergy of data and anlaytics with BrightAnalytics and FundStar integrated into your familiar BrightAnalytics environment.

FundStar & BrightAnalytics make a logical integration of tools and visualizations that every real estate professional uses:

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FundStar Performance Analysis

FundStar Performance Analysis is a module in which you get a hold on the funds and portfolios. Answer any question about returns in just a few clicks, and solve issues around returns in no time using the automated reports.

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FundStar Scenario Analysis

Gain insight into the future development of your fund or portfolio, and create the optimal real estate strategy with FundStar Scenario Analysis. The module offers a wide variety of data visualizations to give analyses even more context.

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FundStar Investor Portal

FundStar Investor Portal provides investors insight into the latest reports. In doing so, you build trust with potential investors, and create transparency and confidence with existing customers.


More about FundStar

FundStar is a software company based in the Netherlands, that provides real estate companies with real-time insight into past, present and future performance. The clear visualisations and ease of use provide greater control and insight into the profitability of portfolios and allows professionals to make better real estate decisions.

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More about BrightAnalytics

BrightAnalytics is a young scale-up with great ambitions. Our mission is to provide professionals with clear insight into their business performance. The Bright team consists of experts in reporting, business analysis and IT development. All with a strong focus on customer service and a passion for analysis and technology, with which we translate the wishes of our customers into the most user-friendly reports.

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  • Wer ist BrightAnalytics?

    BrightAnalytics ist ein dynamisches und wachsendes Technologieunternehmen. Unser Ziel ist es, Organisationen dabei zu helfen, ihre Management-Berichterstattungsprozesse zu optimieren. Behalten Sie den Überblick in einem sich verändernden Geschäftsumfeld und wachsen Sie schnell und nachhaltig!

  • Wer ist das Zielpublikum von BrightAnalytics?

    BrightAnalytics konzentriert sich auf die Finanzprofile im Unternehmen, die an der Berichterstattung beteiligt sind. Unser Schwerpunkt liegt auf den CEOs und CFOs innerhalb der Organisation.

  • Was ist Management Reporting?

    Beim Management Reporting geht es darum, Daten zu sammeln und sie auf einfache Weise zu visualisieren.